Organic Pesticides in Your Home –Preventive Measures

Preventive Measures(1)

The title may seem challenging, but on a second glance, it is very simple. Sustainable agriculture is not only an idea; it is a goal and a priority of modern civilization. There are many dangers humans put our planet in and sustainable agriculture is one of the ways we can preserve our world. One of the key factors involved in sustainable farming is the usage of pesticides, namely organic pesticides. For efficient and profitable farming, but without the danger of polluting the soil or the water, organic pesticides work best. Insects and other pests invade our homes, too. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of pesky intruders in your home and make sure you consult the Vladislav Davidzon website for more useful information.

The dangers of traditional pesticides

PesticideThe reasons to exclude chemical pesticides from your home are more than obvious.When you use pesticides, you expose yourself to many dangerous chemicals. Common risks include brain damage, problems with the immune system, hormone instability, Parkinson’s disease, birth defects and many types of cancers. Besides the health risks, traditional pesticides endanger many beneficial insects like butterflies and bumblebees. These have a very important role for pollination and it is impossible to replace them. Furthermore, chemicals in pesticides reduce the amount of food for amphibians and birds.

How to keep pests out of your home

Prevention is the priority. If you act with care and meticulousness, you will not have to resort to more serious measures. Acting preventively will remove the need for further intervention. First of all, you can remove any attractant to insects. Common ones found in your home are dirty dishes or pools of standing water, pet food or leftovers on the counters. Clean up all the places where you leave your junk and keep your trash cans clean. Wipe up any spills in your cupboards, too.

Check all windows and doors for any signs of openings or cracks. Seal them all up so insects cannot get inside. If you want to go the extra mile, populate your backyard with ladybugs, lacewings or praying mantises. These insects act as predators for all the pests which want to invade your home. Spiders are effective, too.Organic-pest

You can also use different insect traps, like glue traps and bait traps. Make sure you use the bait traps outside of the house and position the glue traps inside. Make friends with birds, too. Position a birdbath and a feeder on a strategic place in your backyard. Your new friends will have a great vantage point and, soon enough, you will have a few feathered guards standing by. Birds love to feast on insects.

Finally, another great strategy is insect-repelling plants. Plants with distinct scents, like Marigold and Thai Lemongrass work best. The aroma they spread keeps most kinds of critters away, even including mosquitoes. Plant them around the house and create barries of a pleasant smell. Well, at least for you, because the pesky critters will surely hate it and run away!