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With an ear toward eco-friendliness, Vladislav Davidzon continues to be a leader in the field of developing and implementing brands that not only revolutionize their respective industries, but promotes a higher business standard for social responsibility and environmental impact.

DavidzonVladislav has used his fifteen years of business and environmentalist experience to create innovative brands that span a variety of industries. He is the founder of ThinkHost, the world’s first carbon neutral web hosting company. Committed to social change, Vladislav and ThinkHost provided world class hosting tech powered 100 percent by renewable wind and solar energy.

Debt free and privately owned, ThinkHost became a leader in environmentally friendly web hosting, supporting dependable hosting solutions for community groups, small and medium businesses, and hobbyists. Launched in 1999, it became a profitable entity just a month after launch. Today, owned by an equally socially responsible company, ThinkHost is still supplying sustainable Internet solutions to thousands of customers across the globe.

Vladislav’s next business venture was equally adventurous and successful. He’d participated in a bicycle tour that took him across America when he had an inspiration. Vladislav proceeded to start Common Circle Expeditions — Sustainable Energy in Motion. This was a unique and revolutionary bicycle touring company that promoted sustainable living and organic food productions. The tours took clients through the back roads of Oregon and Hawaii on bicycles to see like minded communities and organic farms.

The program was a great success, changing many lives. Feedback wasn’t merely positive and overwhelming. Many participants confessed to the experience being a deciding factor leading them to make major life changes toward a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Leadership-DeveloplmentWith these phenomenal successes under his belt, Vladislav re-focused his energies into leadership development. He launched the Regenerative Leadership Institute, a sustainable living and permaculture design school. The Institute turned the permaculture education industry on its head by restructuring the traditional permaculture curriculum, incorporating strategies and ideals of regenerative leadership developed by Vladislav, so that it could be relevant to mainstream America. Students traveled from all over the world to take part in the intensive nature immersive sustainable living and design programs. The objective was to give people the pragmatic skills combined with a vision for a beautiful, sane and thriving world.

Vladislav’s environmental consciousness and drive for success came to him at an early age. His first business, a consulting agency, was started while he was still a high school student. He originally trained at a young age at the Franklin Covey company, studying the likes of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and similar associated works.

Over the years, Vladislav studied or worked alongside some of the leading educators and thinkers of our time, including Bill Mollison (the founder of Permaculture), Joanna Macy (the founder of The Work That Reconnects), Marshall Rosenberg (the founder of Non-Violent Communication), Larry Korn (translator of the One Straw Revolution book by Masanobu Fukuoka) and many others. He credits these experiences as the foundation for a keen business sense coupled with his drive to show the world the best ways to lessen our carbon footprint.

Currently living in San Francisco’s Bay Area, when he’s not working on his latest business venture or writing, Vladislav enjoys hiking, biking and exploring the incredible nature preserves that California is famous for. He has traveled extensively around the world and fluently speaks three languages.