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How To Make Nature Works For You?

Use Nature(1)

The only way to use nature for the long path is to help her grow and develop at the same time. Like any other source, nature can disappear. All the treasures that nature offers you can vanish. If you are not careful, this can become our future. The numbers and facts are very disappointing in the recent research. We have an enormous influence on the greenhouse effect, and it threatens to destroy us. More and more scientists are asking how to prevent and avoid the consequences of our activity?

Permaculture is the answer!

NaturePermaculture is the first science that decided to deal with this very serious question. ValdislavDavidzon as the founder of regenerative leadership institute has decided to develop this idea and to spread it all over the world. He decided to make us aware of the importance of nature to prevent its destroying. We need to become aware that nature is not something that can last forever. No matter how strong it is if we are persistent enough, we will destroy it eventually. That is the main reason why VladislavDavidzon created a site where people can learn everything about permaculture and its significance for humankind.

Greenhouse effect as the side effect of human activity

Greenhouse-effectThe main consequence of human activity is certainly the greenside effect. It is a product of radiation from a planet’s atmosphere that warms the surface of the Earth and causes higher temperatures than in the previous centuries. Therefore, now we have a higher level of the sea, a lot of floods and others natural disasters. White surfaces covering the mountains are melting, and this is something we cannot neglect and ignore. VladislavDavidzon was the first that realized how dangerous this could be and therefore, he decided to wake us up and force to start thinking differently. If we learn to respect the Nature, it will protect us as our biggest friend. Otherwise, it will turn into our biggest and the most powerful enemy. Permaculture and Vladislav will teach us how to manage this.