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Advantages Of Sustainable Agriculture

Earth is our only home(1)

Earth is our only home. We have to treat it with respect and care so we can be sure our children can enjoy it. Ecological issues are growing in importance because severe pollution of the air, sea, and earth threatens us all. Our job and responsibility are to take action and one of the ways to do it is sustainable agriculture. It is an approach to agriculture practices which involves many methods of farming and ranching. The main goal of this approach is to make sure that all sides included in the process – the farmers and their families, the animals, the earth and the environment in general – benefit from such practice.

The aim of sustainable agriculture is to produce food, just like traditional agriculture does, but in a why which does not harm the environment nor treats the animals as objects. It is humanitarian in nature, but also profitable for farmers. Keep reading to find out about the main advantages of sustainable agriculture, and for more information you can visit Vladislav Davidzon website, a world-renowned expert in the area of sustainability and permaculture.

Conservation of the environment

Agriculture1As we mentioned above, and we cannot highlight this any more than we do, our duty is to leave our planet in good condition for the upcoming generation. Sustainable agriculture is one of the ways we can achieve this. A sustainable way of farming the land means replenishing the soil and not endangering other resources like water and air.

Preventing pollution

All the waste a sustainable farm produces stays right on the farm. It stays inside the ecosystem which created it, and it does not pollute the environment or piles up elsewhere.

Cost reductions

FieldOn of the aims of sustainable agriculture is cost minimization. A sustainable farm does not neglect the demand for efficiency and cost saving. Methods like renewable energy resources and reduced transportation costs help a sustainable farm to reduce costs in general.


Modern, advanced farms are usually monocultural, meaning they operate with one plant culture like corn or wheat. Sustainable farms care for biodiversity, which means they support different species of plants and animals. Plants are regularly rotated which means better nourishment for the soil and much lesser risks of disease outbreaks and pest invasions.

Animal welfare

All animals living on a sustainable farm live a healthy life, and they are treated with respect. Animals are not mere object bred for eating or reproduction, they are beings which deserve respect and care. Sustainable farming includes good care towards farm animals, and farmers allow free natural behavior.

Profit for the farmer

CornIt may seem that sustainability comes with a great cost which leaves no room for profit, but the truth is far different. Even though this kind of farming demands greater effort, it can certainly be profitable. With good organization and market connection, a sustainable farm does not have to rely on government subsidies to thrive. This way, a farmer can make a quality life for himself, his family and for the benefit of the whole community.